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I’ll have this for breakfast tomorrow! :D

I’ll have this for breakfast tomorrow! :D

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Reblog if you have/had depression, anorexia, bipolar disorder, or aren’t comfortable with who you are yet. Apr 28th / 2,514 notes †
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You fucking fat shit

You fucking fat shit

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You were on the right track. You were working out constantly. Then one day it all stopped. You binged, you gained, you cried. But don’t worry little solider. You are strong and you will finish what you started. Just believe in yourself, even when everybody else stopped.

thiss is what i need right now!

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You think I have shitty taste in music? The music I listen to has gotten me through the hardest of times. When people weren’t there, music was. Lyrics that describe my life. Not meaningless love songs, or lyrics about getting wasted, or stupid techno songs about sex. The music I listen to is part of who I am. You think it’s emo because it actually has some meaning behind it? Fine, don’t listen to it. But when your life falls apart, you can go listen to “Like a G6” and hope it gets you through it.


EXAAAACTLY what i think of all the ignorant people who don’t like the music i play when i’m in the car or the music in my iPod, i know good music.


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